Immunization is one of the most important things you can do to protect your children from childhood diseases. Below are links to other sites which provide information on childhood immunization.

Vaccination Resources and Schedules

  • Center for Disease Control: The Center for Disease Control (CDC) provides a list of recommended vaccination schedules throughout childhood and adulthood (parents, you are important, too!).
  • Immunization Action Coalition: The Immunization Action Coalition provides vaccine information statements for each and every vaccine available, from the Adenovirus to Yellow Fever. These vaccination statements are made available to you at the time of your child's vaccination, and are here for your current and future reference.
  • Iowa Department of Public Health: /Immunization: The Iowa Department of Public Health is charged with promoting and protecting the health of Iowans. The mission of the Immunization Program is to "reduce and ultimately eliminate the incidence of vaccine preventable diseases" by working with doctors and nurses in Siouxland and throughout the state.

Immunization FAQs

As parents, we are all responsible for the health of our children, and that includes making informed choices on their behalf. Deciding to vaccinate your child is one of those important decisions, and one you should consider heavily. We feel vaccinations serve an important role in the health of our pediatric community, and our Siouxland community as a whole. There are a number of reasons and resources for this stance, and we have listed a number of them below.

  • Why do we vaccinate? Ever wonder why we vaccinate against diseases that are so rare, like polio and diphtheria? To keep them that way. The CDC provides this and other answers to the question, "Why Immunize?"
  • What would happen if we stopped vaccinating? Before the measles vaccine, nearly everyone in the United States contracted the virus, and hundreds died from it. Now, it's rare for a doctor to even see one case of it throughout his or her career. This isn't drugstore politics; this is the case of herd protection. Read more here on what would happen if we stopped vaccinations.
  • Where can I get more information? There are many trusted resources available for parents when it comes to deciding to vaccinate, whether you would like more information about the diseases they prevent to what to expect with each shot.